Picture of eLansafe

eLansafe™ directly replaces existing circuit breakers with intelligent switches and sensors. Incorporating all the functionality to, monitor, control, analyse and protect 2 individual AC or DC circuits, within each eLansafe. Overcoming barriers to deployment, ensuring a truly retrofitting system and without additional power, batteries, wiring, sensor clamps or data cabling.

This is possible due to the key technology behind eLansafe in its ability to be powered from the existing protected power-line.

eLansafe™ embedded intelligence and communications, provides a secure by default network which ensures consistent high-quality data every second of operation. The data accuracy and auto-ranging measurements of eLansafe™ allows for billing accuracy and sub-metering level functions.

eLansafe™ uses less power in operation than classic Circuit Breakers, largely due to the removal of the heating operating elements. Resulting in instant energy savings and lower operating costs, whilst improving efficiency and safety.

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