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eLansense™ directly replaces standard fuses with an efficient electronic high side switch.

eLansense™ improves safety by preventing fire and electrocution by eliminating the negative effects of temperature, such as localised heating and the risk of arcing, whilst integrating within existing infrastructure without alteration.

The intelligence of eLansense™ provides a distributed energy management and energy local area network by simply changing a fuse.

eLansense™ precisely controls and monitors the current passing through it with full diagnostics over wireless communications.

eLansense™ is fully self-contained and compatible with standard fuse holders with no consumable parts and is powered from the single positive power rail being protected.

eLansense™ 625 replaces standard fuses commonly found in domestic appliances and UK plugs, and eLansense™ 1038 replaces the MIDGET fuses commonly found in Industrial, medical and renewable energy applications.

eLansense™ Specification¹

Voltage Rating 250V AC Nominal, 600-800V AC Peak
Current Rating Any value @0.001A intervals across the range of 0.9 to 8A(625) & 30A+(1038) (within 1% accuracy)
Typical Voltage Drop 900 mV
Response time 32ms or any time/current profile set.
Reset time 300ns or any time/current profile set.
Resettable with ignition on Yes
Openings before servicing / replacement Estimated 100,000+
Ambient operating temperature range TBC
Voltage transient 800V
1. Preliminary Specification, subject to change without notice.

Key Features



  • Accurate, detailed and aggregated real time information

  • Independent operation from temperature and environment.

  • Seamless interoperability within existing infrastructure

  • Accurate 32ms automated response.

  • Distributable intelligent current sensing

  • Resets within 1ms.

  • Strategic point of measurement

  • More than 100,000 opening operations

  • Conforms to all industry standards

  • Configurable response and power profiling.

  • Ultra low power

  • Conforms to all industry standards

  • Potentially no nuisance opening

  • No risk of arcing

  • Fully Isolated with no load connected or when the load is switched off. Reducing the risk of a shock.

  • Improved efficiency and reduced localised heating

  • Picture of eLansense



  • Distributable intelligent high side switching

  • Full fault analysis with both pre and post fault history

  • Low level processing capabilities and data formatting

  • Settable parameters, flags and warnings

  • Flexibility and adaptability through simple deployment and the incorporation of extra switch nodes within an infrastructure as and when required.

  • Allows targeted tracking of an individual piece of equipment, circuit or power line and it's usage.

  • Fully self contained with no consumable parts, such as batteries

  • low power radio communications

  • Operates from the single positive power line with no additional power or return path.

  • Customisable power profiles that allow a dedicated response to power events, soft start and smooth switching between power lines

  • No voltage transients caused by switching.

  • Remote switching, reset/reconfiguration and diagnostics

  • eLansense™ Dimensions

    eLansense™ 625
    Picture of eLansense showing it's dimensions