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Bladesense™ directly replaces standard automotive circuit protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers with an efficient electronic high side switch.

Bladesense™ improves vehicle safety by eliminating the negative effects of temperature, such as localised heating and the risk of arcing, whilst integrating within existing vehicle architectures without alteration.

The intelligence of Bladesense™ provides a distributed and light-weight energy management/control unit (EMU/ECU) that can precisely control and monitor the current passing through it with both visual indications on a fault and full diagnostics over the single power line or via low power radio communications.

Bladesense™ is fully self-contained and compatible with standard fuse holders with no consumable parts and is powered from the single positive power rail being protected.

Bladesense™ provides the required circuit protection and energy management for present and future challenges, especially with the increasing electrification and hybridisation of vehicles.

Bladesense™ Specification┬╣

Voltage Rating 32V DC Nominal (Higher voltage levels of 60V and 100V can be accomodated)
Current Rating Any value @0.001A intervals across the range of 0.3 to 30A+ (within 1% accuracy)
Typical Voltage Drop 350 mV
Response time 32ms or any time/current profile set.
Reset time 300ns or any time/current profile set.
Resettable with ignition on Yes
Openings before servicing / replacement Estimated 100,000+
Ambient operating temperature range -45°C to 115°C
Voltage transient response; rated peak 600W
Reverse Current Fully Protected
1. Preliminary Specification, subject to change without notice.

Key Benefits

  • Bladesense™ protects the whole equipment from over current conditions and not just the cabling, unlike standard fuses and circuit breakers which are only intended to protect against short circuits.

  • Bladesense™ provides an automated response within a minimum of 32ms of any fault above the pre-settable current value, with 0.001A (1mA) intervals across the full range from 0.3 to 30A+.

  • Bladesense™ incorporates added protection against the severe voltage transients and reverse current conditions, commonly found in automotive environments.

  • Bladesense™ increases performance; operating over a 100,000 opening operations during its life time, unlike the once only of a fuse and approximately 300 times of on average Circuit Breaker.

  • Unlike Circuit Breakers Bladesense™ is resettable within 300 nano seconds (ns) or any predetermined time period with or without the ignition on, thereby protecting equipment during a jump start or load dump condition, without the requirement for isolation first.

  • Bladesense™ is off by default and only allows current to flow when a load is attached and switched on, with the additional capability of isolating the circuit when the equipment is placed into standby mode.

  • Bladesense™ operation is unaffected by the affects of temperature, unlike fuses which require re-rating by 25% of the rated value and Circuit Breakers by up to 70%

  • Bladesense™ with the exception of eLansense™ is one of the few, if not the only circuit protection device that complies with all industry standards with one device, in particular as it is not reliant on temperature-current characteristics of a curve for operation.

  • Bladesense™ Dimensions

      17.3mm(H) x 18.9mm(W) x 5mm(D) MAX

    Picture of Bladesense showing it's dimensions