Privacy Policy

We have tried to keep this policy short and transparent in order to help you review the important information quickly. We do not want to hide anything in your frustration to read large amounts or strangely undecipherable terms.

We will only use your submitted data for order processing or for the newsletter once opted into or for transmission of other information requested by you.

We comply with the latest data protection laws and endeavour to keep your data encrypted to much higher than required standards (highest publicly available), during transmission and storage.

We will not voluntarily give your data to any third parties.

The only time your information will be given to a third party is when required to do so by law, at which time new encryption keys will be applied to the requested data, so that only the information requested is decryptable and the information released stored as safely as possible untill out of our control.

We may monitor the keywords used at search engines to navigate to our site as well as page accesses by IP address, without any further identifying information or input aside from navigation for the sole purpose of identifying ways of making our website easier to find, better and more user friendly. This information will be acquired from standard web server logs. We will not monitor your browsing habits, such as with tracking cookies. We therefore adhere to Do Not Track requests by default.

We reserve the right to amend this policy. If we are going to amend this policy then the new policy will only apply to newly Submitted data.

Best Practice Site Policy

The previous section informed you of what you should know, this section informs you of what you may like to know.

This site does not currently require any client side scripting or cookies (including hidden flash LSO cookies). This is to help you to keep your information private and for us to adhere to internet best practices set by w3c. We believe clients should pull data and not have it pushed onto them. We do not believe in deciding what you want to see, load or use your network bandwidth for, without a recent explicit click. There will be no third party adverts and we will not instigate any connection to servers not controlled by œsys. We do not see the need for websites to know about everywhere a user is going to on other peoples websites and so wil not employ javascript or cookies in this regard. The search engines provide information on competition and users journey's and are the most likely to be held to account on privacy issues. Indirect tracking via javascript and cookies also provides unreliable data and may affect user experience negatively.

To improve rather than degrade client security, we only require session cookies for logins (encryptable) and use other serverside technologies and url modification, where appropriate. If you do login to our site then we suggest that you add our domain ( to your accept list for session cookies only, you can safely block all other cookies by default in your browsers cookie options for the correct operation of This site may contain links to other websites with compulsory for function scripting, such as Flash or Javascript. This site contains no third party flash code, such as flash adverts. This means we know that any Flash on our site is not doing anything sinister, like gathering information or connecting you to any hidden place in the background.